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About Dr. Victor...

My story


I have helped many patients with many concerns over the past 20 years.  I treat from a holistic approach - body, mind, and spirit.  Research states that treatment should include physical, mental, emotional, culture, religion, spirituality, and everything that makes you who you are. 


"Holistic" has become somewhat of a buzzword.  Let me describe what holistic means to me.  It means that counseling will not fix a thyroid problem.  Holistic means that a problem in one area of your life will affect every area of your life.


For example, let's talk about depression.  Sometimes, people do not have depression.  Instead, they might need to work at forgiving themselves or someone else; or maybe they just need hope that life will get better.  Alternatively, they might have an underlying medical condition.   Sometimes, we just need help to grieve the loss of a dearly loved person or a beloved animal. 

I help people to find healthy coping skills, people to trust, and ways to live life to the fullest. 


"Handling things well, we do, most of the time. 

Then things happen and we become out of rhyme 

We need an expert at times to dust off the sand 

Living life to the fullest, solving problems, hand in hand"


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