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Four Winds Center for Healing and
The Arts, Inc

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A 501 (c) non-profit organization

The Full Story

Four Winds Center for Healing and the Arts, Inc, a 501(c) division of Four Winds Acupuncture Clinic and Integrative Therapies, PC, was born out of a desire to help our disabled service men and women access alternate routes for treatment at little to no cost. 

Many times service members experience significant delays in authorization and/or receipt of services.  They are limited to an "authorized number" of sessions for acupuncture with continued care subject to approval by western standards of expected outcomes. Alternative therapies such as massage therapy, Reiki, meditation classes, group community acupuncture, and Art Therapy are often not available to veterans inside of the VA system of care.  If a condition is chronic in nature and takes longer than expected to treat, oftentimes continued treatments will not be authorized. Delays in authorization and treatment can negatively impact treatment gains and outcomes.

Each person is a unique individual and their condition is not like anyone else's, even though they may share the same ICD-10 diagnostic code.  For this reason, while one person's condition may only take only a few treatment sessions to correct, another person may need weeks or months worth of treatments to effect a sustainable change in their health.  

Here at Four Winds, we are focus on wellness from a body/mind/spirt perspective, and are dedicated to providing care to the community and its underserved members.  We operate on a premise of wellness and are committed to helping every patient reach their full wellness potential.  We do not look at patients though the lens of what is wrong with you, rather what is RIGHT with you and build upon that.

Our goal is to offer reduced cost services not just to veterans but to all patients who experience financial difficulty, and for this we need your help!  Four Winds Center for Healing and the Arts, Inc is in its infancy stage.  Through your generosity,  we are slowly growing to make this dream a reality.  We are working to increase our free or low-cost services offered to include not only Private acupuncture sessions, but also Chinese herbal medicine, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Community Style Acupuncture, Mental Health Counseling, and Art Therapy.  But this dream can only become a reality through your kindness and generosity.


Every tax-deductible donation made to Four Winds Center for Healing and The Arts, Inc 501(c)3 makes it possible to provide free or low-cost treatments for our needs-based patients.  At Four Winds Centers for Healing and The Arts, INC we are committed to giving back to our service members and continuing to care for all who seek an alternative route to healing.

Please help us continue to build this dream into a strong and lasting reality.


Thank you for your continued support!

Dr. Maya and Dr. Victor



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